Chocolate Milk

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Chocolate milk provides all the good nutrition of white milk and the same 15 nutrients. A deliciously satisfying drink, its ingredients are basically fresh milk, cocoa and sugar.

Store-bought chocolate milks are usually made with 1% milk and contain no more sugar than unsweetened apple juice.

To learn more, explore our special All About Chocolate Milk section for topics such as Chocolate Milk and Kids, Energize your Workout with Chocolate Milk and many others.

Chocolate milk is great on its own, but can also be incorporated into tasty, nutritious recipes. Here are some great suggestions. They’ll help you and your family top up to meet the recommendations for Milk and Alternatives in Canada’s Food Guide, while at the same time, satisfying your cravings for something sweet.

Chocolate Orange Blossom gives you an instant hit of icy chocolate refreshment with a citrus twist.

Extra Chocolate Latte Steamers are a how-to for making delicious specialty coffees at home using chocolate milk.

Chocolate Milk Jiggle Pudding translates into fun for the whole family.

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