Cooking with Milk Never Goes Out of Style

From the day that the very first calendar launched in 1974, the Milk Calendar was an instant hit with Canadian families. Originally printed on heavy paper and featuring eight new milk recipes, today’s Milk Calendar is a glossy, full-colour 13-month calendar with three times as many recipes – everything from main dishes and side dishes to soups, salads, appetizers, baked goods and desserts.

A little help from our friends

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with food celebrities and popular Canadian chefs including Bonnie Stern, James Barber, Anne Lindsay, Christine Cushing and Anna Olson to produce themes and recipes for the Milk Calendar. And there have been countless behind-the-scenes recipe developers, taste testers, food stylists and photographers who have also contributed to the calendar’s success and popularity.

Inspired by everyday Canadian life

Every year, all sorts of recipe ideas and food concepts for the upcoming Milk Calendar are put on the table. They’re found in restaurants we’ve been to, meals we’ve enjoyed, cooking shows, cookbooks, food trends... even previous Milk Calendar recipes, which we update with bold new tastes.

A recipe for success

Canadians depend on the Milk Calendar to provide quick, easy, nutritious and delicious recipes, which is why it’s important to us that every Milk Calendar recipe be ready in 45 minutes or less, include at least 1 cup of milk, and meet the recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating.

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