You can help your child stay active and ready to learn every day with a healthy lunch.
But how can you make sure your child will eat it?

Dairy Farmers of Canada Dietitians are passionate about teaching kids the importance of healthy eating. Since children have a limited amount of time to eat lunch at school, our Dietitians recommend two great ways to help them get more of the nutrients they need to stay active and ready to learn every day.

01 Milk is a nutritious pick‑me‑up kids love!

Sold at a reduced price at school, milk provides children with 15 essential nutrients.

02 Get kids involved in their lunch creation!

Kids are much more likely to be interested in what they are eating when they have helped put it together.

Our Dietitians help you beat the lunchbox blues

Making lunchboxes is a breeze when you are well equipped and ready! Designate a space in your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator and freezer for lunchbox items. Stock up on different sized reusable containers, cutlery, ice packs and such and keep them in their designated space. An insulated food container (like a Thermos®) makes it easy to pack leftovers that need to be served hot.