Healthy bone development is an important factor in a child’s growth. For bones to develop and grow properly, they need proper nourishment. Milk products happen to be an interesting source of many bone building nutrients.

A lot can be said about milk products being important sources of bone-building calcium, but they also contain many other bone-building nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Vitamin D is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”. In Canada, between October and March, we don’t get enough sunlight to enable our bodies to produce vitamin D. Even in the summer months, we may not get enough of this important vitamin. The sunscreen we put on to protect ourselves from too much ultraviolet light also prevents the production of vitamin D. Getting vitamin D from our diet is a healthy alternative to unprotected sunlight but, unfortunately, vitamin D is quite rare in food. To help ensure that we get an adequate amount, all fluid milk in Canada is vitamin D-fortified.