Ice Cream

Ice Cream Glossary

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Homogenization: The mechanical process of incorporating the natural fat globules into the liquids in milk to keep them blended.


Milk ingredients: The different forms (liquid, concentrated, dried, frozen) of milk fat and milk solids (non fat) that are used as ingredients in dairy products. These include: milk, partially skim milk, skim milk, evaporated or condensed whole milk, evaporated or condensed partially skim milk, evaporated or condensed skim milk, dried whole milk, dried partially skim milk, dried skim milk, cream, butter, butter-oil, anhydrous butter-oil (99.9% milk fat). The chemical state of these products and their components are the same as those found in milk.

Modified milk ingredients: Ingredients that are derived from milk but have been altered, such as calcium reduced skim milk, whey cream, whey butter, cultured milk products, casein and milk protein concentrates.


Pasteurize: The process of heating milk, cream or an ice cream mixture to a specific temperature for a specified time to destroy any potential harmful microorganisms and increase its keeping qualities.


Stabilizers: Stabilizers are added to the ice cream mixture to keep the ice crystals small and evenly dispersed and provide a creamy texture to the frozen product. Some stabilizers used in commercial ice creams are: guar gum (flour from a bean seed) and locust bean gum.

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