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January is back to budget time!

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January is back to budget time!

Once the holidays are over, many of us want to make up for our numerous caloric and financial excesses by cutting on food expenses and tightening our budgets.

Our mothers and grandmothers were able to feed their families despite often limited means. They always managed to “do more with less”.

As the new year begins, the following practical tips will help get your budget back on track.

Plan your menu for the week

A weekly meal plan is a great way to start cutting expenses. A plan can help you anticipate food costs per meal and adjust your recipes and their ingredients according to your budget. A plan can also help you better predict and manage leftovers to add to other recipes or include in other meals.

Once you’ve decided on the meals you’d like to cook, write up a grocery list to minimize impulse purchases at the supermarket. And before preparing your menu, why not take a look at your local supermarket flyers to find out which products are on sale that week?

Besides helping you save money, a weekly meal plan can also turn into a fun family activity where everyone has the opportunity to express their tastes and needs.

Cooking with inexpensive ingredients

Many foods such as grains, legumes and eggs are inexpensive, easy to cook and can be used to make delicious and nutritious meals. Some of these ingredients do require longer cooking times, but considering their costs, they are well worth it. Canned legumes can also be an interesting and economical alternative. Nutritious and versatile, legumes and grains can be prepared in countless ways, such as in entrées, soups, salads, meal accompaniments or even as main courses.

When used in combination with milk products, these economical ingredients are absolutely irresistible. Discover them for yourself!

Use a slow cooker

The best cuts of meat to prepare in a slow cooker are also the most inexpensive ones. Roasts, braising meats, and cubes for stewing are all very economical. Slow cooking tenderizes the meat and cooks legumes perfectly, transforming ordinary weekday meals into delicious feasts. Cooking this way requires a minimum of effort and preparation. Give it a try!

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