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Go, Sports Moms, Go!

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Go, Sports Moms, Go!

For active families, this time of year means tournaments, championships and play-offs at every level and for most sports and activities. Here’s to those who make it all possible.

The term “Sports Mom” defines a woman who can boast a schedule as busy as any public figure - without the spotlights. The organizational skills required to chauffeur everyone-and-their-friends everywhere on time and get dinner ready while being the loudest cheerleader on the sidelines may seem daunting, but they can nonetheless be quickly mastered. Following are some tips to keep you on top of things, the family on track and everyone having fun.

Planning: Keep them organized

You can’t be a Sports Mom without a calendar, and the best way to keep everyone communicating and up-to-date on plans is to put it in a central location, such as on the fridge door. Along with sports practice and games, be sure to include play-dates, special occasions and school projects.

Plan a month in advance, so that if there is a big game or an important test coming up, for instance, you can schedule in extra practice or study sessions. If you have a conflict on the calendar, you will have lots of advance notice to ask other parents if they could help with car pooling to get everyone where they need to be.

Transportation: Get them there on time

Next to the calendar on the fridge, throw up a list of items you need for each activity to make sure you’re not forgetting someone’s hockey helmet or ballet shoes. Make sure the kids know what items on the list they are responsible for. Have older kids help get the younger ones rounded up and ready. Divide and conquer.

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