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Fresh Produce, All the Time

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Fresh Produce, All the Time

Cooking with fresh produce might be easier than you think, any time of the year. You just need to know where to look...

A great way to get large quantities of fresh, nutritious produce in bulk at a great price is to get them from the source: the farmer.

Did you know that many provinces have farmers' associations whose goal it is to supply city-bound residents with fresh produce - such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese, honey and even meat - year-round (depending on the availability)? This is an easy way to help your group lower the cost of food, while supporting local agriculture.

Some provinces have produce-buying clubs or organizations that your group can join. You can also consult the farmers' organizations listed below. If you can't find an association in your area, take a trip to your nearest farmers' market and talk to some of the farmers. Chances are you'll find one willing and happy to supply you with the foods you need.

These sites list farms that sell a large variety of produce directly to the consumer:


British Columbia


Prince Edward Island

“Fresh from our farms” directory

Western Canada

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