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5 Time-saving Kitchen Strategies

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Start the year off right and save time in the kitchen with our 5 stress-free cooking strategies to help you to plan and prepare your family’s meals with ease.

1. Cook in large quantities and freeze in containers

When making a spaghetti sauce, chili, broth or even pesto, plan to make it in larger quantities. The extras can be used for another meal in the week or can be frozen in individual or family sized portions. To do this place the cooled food in ice cube trays or muffin tins and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer them to re-sealable plastic bags. When you need them next, you can unfreeze just the portions you need.

2. Prepare and trim your vegetables in advance

When you bring home veggies from the grocery store wash and trim them in advance and store them in plastic containers. This simple step saves preparation time when making a meal or snack. The prepared veggies, with or without accompanying dip, are ready for the lunch box or after school snack.

Wash and separate salads leaves and place them in perforated re-sealable bags. They’ll stay fresh and keep longer. Making a salad is now child’s play especially when you have some vinaigrette on hand. All that’s needed now is to add veggies, cubed chicken, smoked ham or shredded cheese.

3. Wash your fruit in advance

Wash and prepare fruit in advance and place them in to re-sealable plastic bags or containers. You now have ready-made, nutritious snacks that your kids will be happy to help themselves to after school. As an extra treat you can also serve the fruit with yogurt or in a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Once the fruit is well ripened, you can make smoothies by placing them in a blender along with some milk or yogurt and a bit of honey. In no time flat you have a fresh and healthy treat!

4. Make good use of left-overs

Left-over meat from dinner can be diced, sliced or ground and stored in the fridge. Your ground left-over roast beef or veal transforms easily in to a tasty Shepherd’s Pie. In the same fashion, you can slice or grind cooked ham to make a succulent sandwich, omelette, salad, quiche, etc.

5. Make the most of your freezer

Don’t hesitate to fill your freezer. Over time it will serve as your second pantry that will help you out when you need it. The foods you’ve frozen, like stews, a good soup or a pie made with seasonal fruit can be turned to for an easy meal solution. Plus as we all know, some foods just taste better when reheated.

Look in your favourite recipes for ones that freeze well. For example, double your muffin recipe and freeze them cooked in to re-sealable bags. All you have to do is reheat them for a perfect breakfast on-the-go or as a snack or dessert for your children.

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