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What’s For Breakfast?

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What’s For Breakfast?

As every day slowly dawns across the globe, families in different parts of the world are waking up hungry for things that many of us would never think of as breakfast. Taking a look at what a ‘traditional’ breakfast means to different people in different countries can open your eyes to a whole new world of breakfast possibilities, and awaken an appetite for something new.

The breakfasts of champions

Nothing sets the tone for a great day like a great breakfast. Cereal, pancakes, bacon, toast, oatmeal, baked beans, hash browns, eggs every style… Everyone has a favourite. But what we consider here in Canada to be a ‘classic’ breakfast might seem quite unusual to people in other parts of the world, where soup, fish, and spicy sauces are the norm. Sound strange? You might be surprised how much you like eating dishes you’d normally equate with lunch or dinner for breakfast.


How about hot miso soup, some green tea, and a small bowl of rice with natto? Natto is a sticky and powerfully flavoured preparation of soybeans that tastes and smells a little like cheese. Pickles and grilled fish are also widely enjoyed as part of a morning meal in this part of the world. Sound inspiring? Try this warming Chicken Noodle Bowl for breakfast.


On this Indonesian island, nasi campur is eaten for breakfast, and all day long. It’s essentially rice with small portions of varying vegetables, meats and condiments – a little like this popular coconut rice and fish dish. In Bali, everyone helps them selves whenever they’re hungry – gathering for meals is reserved for special occasions.

India and Pakistan

Kichdi is a simple but delicious mix of rice, lentils and spices that’s frequently served for breakfast with pickles and yogurt. It’s often prepared with ghee, or clarified butter. Like oatmeal or mashed potatoes, it’s true comfort food. If you’re looking to softly spice up your morning, try this savoury Butternut Squash Dal.


If you like a slice of cheese on buttered bread in the morning, you might have Swedish ancestors. This classic open-faced combo is known in Sweden as smörgås, and it’s frequently topped with cucumber, tomato, and sliced meat. While this may sound more like lunch than breakfast to some of us, we think you’ll find your family will be perfectly delighted to wake up to a smörgåsbord.


You may have tasted huevos rancheros on vacation or in a Mexican restaurant – it’s basically eggs with spiced tomato sauce, served with tortillas and beans. Huevos moteluños is a Yucatan breakfast specialty that features eggs on a tostada with tomato, plantain, peas, and a delicious fresh cheese known as queso fresco. This fresh cheese is increasingly available across Canada, and is a delicious addition to your favourite egg dish.

So mix it up! You might be surprised to find out how much you love smoked fish and cream cheese in the morning, cold rice pudding, warm ricotta with sliced fruit, or kale smoothies with Greek yogurt. You won’t know until you try. Just don’t skip breakfast, and try to include at least three food groups. We sure you’ll find that the more you put into breakfast, the more you’ll get out of it.

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