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Resolutely Delicious

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Resolutely Delicious

One of the most exciting things about starting a new year is that it sparks the instinct to renew, refresh, and re-energize. Sure, it’s cold outside, but doesn’t that present the perfect opportunity to tackle an exciting new kitchen project, or dazzle your friends and family with a delicious new dish? Here are some great things to do with the clean slate the New Year is giving you.

Make way for novelty

A great place to start is to clear out some space to ring in the new. Fridges, pantries and deep freezes can easily get cluttered during holiday season. Restoring them to order by discarding what’s no longer useful and taking stock of what you have on hand will give you a fresh outlook on cooking and kitchen creativity. A clean set of storage jars and zip-top bags will be your best friends during a pantry purge, and don’t forget to label and date your ingredients with a sharp, colourful permanent marker.

Dare to DIY

Home-made preserves, quick pickles, chutneys, savoury jams and spice blends are a lot easier to make than you may think, and a snowed-in afternoon is a great time to fill a few jars. It could be just what you need to round out a classic Canadian cheese board, or to infuse a soup or stew with intriguing new flavour.

Make a new best friend

Whether it’s a wok, a cast-iron pan, a slow-cooker, fondue pot, pressure cooker, tagine, or bamboo steamer, almost everyone has a terrific cooking vessel in the cupboard that’s full of under-developed potential. Entire cookbooks are devoted to these kitchen workhorses, and finding even just two or three easy ways to use them can kindle a feeling of incredible kitchen creativity.

Your signature dish

You probably have at least one dish you’re known for – something you can cook without a recipe. It can be very rewarding to find and master a new signature dish, especially if it’s a particularly seasonal or trendy one, or something that requires interesting new tools or techniques. So why not buy a blowtorch and finally master crème brulée? Even if you can’t afford new equipment, it costs nearly nothing to refresh your idea of risotto, make your first panna cotta, or create a signature blend of spices for home-made hot chocolate.

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