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It’s February! Time for a little Sunshine Cooking!

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It’s February! Time for a little Sunshine Cooking!

It’s February, winter is in full swing and it’s cold outside! Keep busy and bring the sun back into your home by preparing recipes reminiscent of countries where the sun always shines and the air is always warm. Create a new type of cuisine called “Sunshine Cooking”!

Imagine appetizing and colourful sunshine cooking recipes, brimming with flavour. Eating uses all of our senses. First, we eat with our eyes. Then, when a dish looks good and is full of colour, it stimulates our taste buds. Sunshine cooking recipes are prepared with a variety of perfectly ripe vegetables and fruit that add sweetness and colour. Simply think of dishes that originate from islands in the South or Asia, such as colourful salads made with papayas, mangos, coconut, etc.

This type of cooking also incorporates a wide variety of herbs and spices. Fresh pepper and pimentos in a sauce or powder format add spiciness, whereas aromatics such as cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, cloves and ginger are used to enhance the flavour of a dish and confer upon it an exotic and distinctive appeal. Spices such as saffron (used in preparing paellas), turmeric and curry powder make any recipe rich with colour.

In essence, sunshine cooking, is a type of cooking that aims to add excitement to your daily routine, is fun to prepare and will delight your little ones coming in from the cold with red noses and cheeks. You will also enjoy playing with so many colours, flavours and textures. Plus, you can try out new recipes, new ingredients, and use your intuition to create your own combinations using foods you enjoy. And while you’re at it, why not explore uncharted territory and try something new?

In times of extreme cold, invite the sun into your home and be inspired by foods that evoke the feeling of warm summer days.

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