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How to Survive the School Year’s 200 Lunches

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How to Survive the School Year’s 200 Lunches

Preparing your child’s school lunch can become a tedious task when you run out of ideas or time. The following smart and easy suggestions are sure to liven up lunches… and make parents' lives easier.

Tonight’s leftovers are tomorrow’s lunch

Double your mac and cheese recipe, chili or other slow-cooked dishes that your children love for a ready-made lunch the next day. Sending them off with a previously warmed-up, wide-mouth thermos does the job nicely. Do the same when preparing vegetable soup, and sprinkle with Cheddar or Mozzarella cheese. Homemade soup is the perfect side dish for a sandwich, adding cheer and warming up little hearts.

Making a tasty sandwich is child’s play

Chop leftover cooked chicken, ham, or hard-boiled eggs in a food processor, then add Cottage cheese, a little chopped green onion, pickles or mustard, according to your little ones' current tastes. Cut a small multigrain bun in half, add filling and top with crisp lettuce leaves. Vary your recipe by using different types of cheese, condiments, lettuce and bread to get a delicious new sandwich every time. Discover Greek Veggie, Chicken & Cheese Wrap.

Ah! Strawberries and raspberries!

Whether enjoyed whole, sliced, pureed or in a fruit salad, ripe seasonal fruits are simply divine. Transform fruit into a delectable dessert by adding a touch of yogurt. Discover Honeyed Yogourt Fruit Salad.

Dips that make a difference

Dips can be a clever way to add variety and encourage youngsters to eat more vegetables. Making one your kids will love is easy! Mix equal parts sour cream and plain yogurt. Add herbs to taste, lime or lemon zest, and a pinch of salt and pepper for a concoction that no one can resist. This creamy dip makes the perfect accompaniment to seasonal vegetables. Vary colours, textures and sizes for guaranteed success!

A touch of sweetness

A touch of sweetness is often a welcome ending to a meal. Why not take advantage of this to include nutritious foods? Homemade apple sauce and cookies, vanilla yogurt, fruit salad, a homemade muffin made with love... the possibilities are endless! Discover Cranberry Flax Muffins and have fun preparing them with the whole family.

What about drinks?

Water and milk are better choices with meals and snacks. According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, juice, even if it is 100% pure, should be limited to 125 to 175 mL per day for children. To make lunch boxes more interesting, you can also alternate between milk, chocolate milk, and different flavours of drinkable yogurt—a perfect finishing touch to lunch, and children couldn't be happier!

Add an ice pack to your child’s lunch box to ensure lunch box foods stay cool until they are consumed.

Prepare lunch and spend time as a family

Why not encourage children to participate in preparing their lunches? In addition to increasing their autonomy in the kitchen, they will develop their own individual tastes and preferences. In the end, they will be proud of having made their own lunches and will enjoy their meals even more because they made them.

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