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It’s nice to take your cooking beyond the daily routine. Here you’ll find creative ideas the whole family will love, tasty and healthy recipes, and tips on expanding your food universe.

  • What’s For Breakfast?

    What’s For Breakfast?

    As every day slowly dawns across the globe, families in different parts of the world are waking up hungry for things that many of us would never think of as breakfast. Taking a look at what a ‘traditional’ breakfast means to different people in different countries can open your eyes to a whole new world of breakfast possibilities, and awaken an appetite for something new.

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  • Winter Green

    Winter Green

    Winter is wonderful, with its festive spirit, cozy dinners, and warming comfort foods. But as we move from celebration into brief hibernation, we also hunger for the flavour of something fresh. The mildly bitter taste of many green winter vegetables really satisfies this instinctive craving. And they’re abundant: chards and kales of all kinds, Collard and beet greens, beautiful cabbages, Brussels sprouts – the list is long, delicious, and deeply nourishing.

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  • Resolutely Delicious

    Resolutely Delicious

    One of the most exciting things about starting a new year is that it sparks the instinct to renew, refresh, and re-energize. Sure, it’s cold outside, but doesn’t that present the perfect opportunity to tackle an exciting new kitchen project, or dazzle your friends and family with a delicious new dish? Here are some great things to do with the clean slate the New Year is giving you.

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  • The Amazing Braise

    The Amazing Braise

    Of all the time-tested techniques in a home cook’s arsenal, none is quite as magical as the braise. Rooted in the word for a fire’s dying embers, a braise is a simple and primally comforting way to transform inexpensive seasonal ingredients into a deeply satisfying meal. Braising fills the house with an aromatic promise of hearty comfort. And best of all, it’s a way of cooking that requires almost no effort from the cook.

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  • Quick Pickles: Instant gratification

    Quick Pickles: Instant gratification

    Crunchy, crispy, mouth-watering, and full of bright, palate-cleansing flavour, quickles are easier to make than most people realize, and a great way to showcase the flavours of the produce that peaks in late summer and early fall.

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  • Preserving Summer

    Preserving Summer

    Late summer offers us a seemingly endless supply of richly ripe produce: peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, peaches, pears, plums and cherries… The list is long. But the truth is, that supply starts to run out out as summer inevitably fades. Now is the time to preserve even just a small portion of this abundance for scarcer days to come. It’s easier than you may think, and the return on the investment is deliciously surprising.

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  • Yogurt : The Ultimate Marinade

    Yogurt : The Ultimate Marinade

    Grilling myth #1: Marinating meat adds both flavour and tenderness to meat. The truth is, it depends on what’s in the marinade. Some marinades can actually toughen meat. So what’s the one magic ingredient that flavours and tenderizes better than any other?

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  • Poached to Perfection

    Poached to Perfection

    Spring makes everyone hungry for lighter and brighter tasting meals. Poaching is a technique that quickly and delicately cooks many foods you’d otherwise think of boiling, roasting or frying. It’s an easy technique to master, and a simple way of refreshing your repertoire.

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In the Kitchen

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