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A well-stocked basket for a perfect picnic!

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A well-stocked basket for a perfect picnic!

Have fun and create unforgettable moments with easy and delicious picnic-ready recipes and tips.

Summer is finally here. The sky is blue, and the weather is nice and warm. At the cottage, by the lake, around the pool, or in the garden, we take full advantage of the summer season to enjoy many outdoor activities. A picnic during which we spend time and relax with family and friends is one of summer’s little pleasures. The word picnic originates from the French word, piquenique, signifying an outing where the guests bring all the food for the occasion, similar to the English term potluck. Today, the word refers mainly to a meal enjoyed in good company either at the beach, in the park or at some other outdoor location.

Preparing a picnic can be lots of fun

Planning a picnic menu doesn’t have to get complicated. All you need are a few good recipes that can be served cold: sandwiches with all the trimmings, crunchy salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, wonderful cheeses and one or two treats to complete your meal. The evening before, you may want to bake a cake, some muffins or granola bars to add to your basket the following day. To avoid needing a stove to warm up your dish, use rice or pasta leftover from the previous evening’s meal, add a few vegetables and a tasty dressing for a delicious salad. Anticipate several bottles of water to quench your thirst and rehydrate your body. And voilà! You have everything you need for the perfect picnic! Of course, a picnic is primarily a festive event; don’t forget to bring some glasses, a good bottle of rosé, white wine, well-chilled cider or a few beers, and the kids’ favourite drinks.

Have fun and be safe

Dishes made with milk products, eggs, mayonnaise, chicken, meat and fish can generally be kept a maximum of two hours at room temperature. When the same foods are exposed to the heat of summer, safe exposure time decreases significantly. Foods such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, grain products and cheese can withstand higher temperatures, so keep these for your picnic basket. Other foods should be kept in a cooler in which ice packs and frozen water bottles have been added, and then placed in a shady spot. Use your nice wicker picnic basket to carry foods that don’t need refrigeration.

To take full advantage of the moment and prevent potential problems, be sure to bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses for protection against the sun. In addition, pack a first aid kit in your basket, a tablecloth and a blanket. Your kids will be thrilled if you bring along a Frisbee, baseball mitts or a kite. All you need now is your camera to immortalize this beautiful summer day!

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