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Share the Stove: Ten Reasons to Love Cooking Clubs

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Share the Stove: Ten Reasons to Love Cooking Clubs

From saving time and money to making meal planning more enjoyable, there are many good reasons to start a cooking club.

In kitchens and community centres across Canada, people meet, pool their resources and cook meals together. Sometimes called a “community kitchen” or a “cooking club”, these gatherings are a great way to learn, socialize and bring home ready-to-eat meals.

Here are 10 reasons to get involved with a cooking club:

1. Save time

When you cook several different meals in large batches, you end up with lots of meals that are ready to go - leaving you with a little extra time every day.

2. Save money

Cooking in advance so that you have meals on hand means fewer last minute trips to fast food places or the takeout counter. If you’re on a tight budget, you can even adjust the recipes to use ingredients that are on special in your local supermarket.

3. Cook nutritious meals for your family

We all want to make sure our families are eating nutritious, home cooked food, but it can be tough to get a meal together every night. Joining a cooking club means nutritious meals that you’ve prepared are ready in your freezer. You can enjoy the extra time with your family while knowing they’re eating a good meal.

4. Enjoy a night out

The cooking club can move around to the different members’ homes or to a local community centre – it gives the members a chance to go out while still being productive.

5. Meet new people

If you’re looking for cooking club members, try posting a notice at the community centre or your apartment bulletin board. You’ll meet people who share your interest in cooking and chances are you will have a lot more in common.

6. Acquire new cooking skills

Everyone will come to the club with a variety of kitchen skills. You’ll be able to learn from your cooking club friends and share your skills with them.

7. Try new foods

Because everyone has a say in what you make together, this is a great chance to try new and different foods and discover great new flavours and textures.

8. Reduce food waste

We all have great intentions when we shop, but we often end up with fresh food going to waste in our refrigerators. By planning and shopping for large batches, you can ensure that you’ll use the food you’ve bought and end up with less waste.

9. Encourage your local farming community

Getting large quantities of fresh, nutritious produce in bulk at a great price is possible, thanks to local farmers. Check out farmers’ markets or your local Farmfresh association - their goal is to provide people in cities with farm-fresh food.

10. Have fun with your friends!

Preparing meals is a necessary part of life, but you can make it fun. Starting a cooking club turns an everyday task into a great social outing for you and your friends!


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