• Asparagus: verdant, vibrant, and versatile

    Asparagus: verdant, vibrant, and versatile

    For many of us, the first sight of local asparagus at the grocery store or market is the official signal that winter is finally over, and it’s time to welcome spring back into the kitchen. Are you ready to enjoy the season’s most exciting vegetable?

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  • Maple: The Taste of Spring

    Maple: The Taste of Spring

    When you think of seasonal spring ingredients, what usually comes to mind is asparagus, fiddleheads, and the other tender greens we wait so patiently to enjoy. But spring’s first flavour, and by far its sweetest, is maple.

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  • An Italian Sunday Dinner

    An Italian Sunday Dinner

    Sunday dinner, or Sunday lunch, as some of us grew up calling it, is a family tradition that's celebrated all over the world. Our exploration of the traditional Italian feast will give you all the inspiration you need to create a memorable meal for your family and friends.

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  • The Perfection of Popcorn

    The Perfection of Popcorn

    You might think of popcorn as an old-fashioned kind of treat. You’d be right, in a way – there’s archaeological evidence of popcorn at sites all over Central and South America, where corn played a central part in ancient life. In early America, popcorn was popped by holding an oiled ear of corn over a fire, and then eating the popped kernels right off the cob. It was also enjoyed as a breakfast cereal.

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  • Curry: A World of Flavour

    Curry: A World of Flavour

    Just a generation ago, ‘curry’ meant one thing to most of us: it was a yellow-coloured powder in the spice rack that was occasionally added to stew, chicken salad, or devilled eggs.

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  • Hot Chocolate: The Food of the Gods

    Hot Chocolate: The Food of the Gods

    When you think about hot chocolate, what probably comes to mind is a vaguely brown and distinctly sweet beverage dispensed from a machine, or prepared from a powdered mix. While you have to admit this kind of hot chocolate can be good (it does taste like chocolate after all), it’s a far cry from something that could be described as the "food of the gods".

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  • Fabulous Fall Fruit

    Fabulous Fall Fruit

    With winter at our doorsteps it's good to take advantage of the last of the fall fruits for their fresh flavour and nutriments.

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  • Celery Root – Beautiful on the Inside

    Celery Root – Beautiful on the Inside

    If there was a contest for the least appetizing-looking member of the vegetable kingdom, celery root would be a finalist, if not the hands-down winner. It’s gnarled, hairy, and frequently covered with dirt. You’d never guess that on the inside, its pure ivory flesh holds one of the cleanest, freshest flavours of any late fall or early winter vegetable.

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