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Rightsizing times of festivities

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While the Holiday season is an occasion to feast, it’s still possible to prevent overeating by choosing the right foods and the right serving sizes.

It’s Not Only About The Food!

Though partaking of great meals is a big part of the Holidays, overdoing it on the eating isn’t the best idea. When feasting, why not opt for quality over quantity, savouring the tastes and eating more slowly. And if you know you are going to be consuming those extra calories, how about scheduling fun activities for the whole family to work some of them off? Tobogganing burns calories like nothing else, especially when Mom or Dad has to haul a kid-laden sled up the hill! Or just go for brisk walks in the fresh winter air, or ice skating, skiing, hockey at the rink or in driveways – making your own skating rink in the yard is fun – and the list goes on! Best of all, you get to have hot chocolate made of good, wholesome 100% Canadian milk afterwards!

’Tis The Season For Skipping Calcium

Let’s face it, your entire healthy routine goes out the window during the Holiday break. Every good eating habit we cultivate all year is lost in a sea of tasty hors d’oeuvres, rich snacks and endless desserts. Even getting enough calcium is a challenge. A good way to ensure you consume enough milk products during this busy season is to include some cheese – it’s a wise and tasty addition to any festive menu.

Mix Up Your Drinks

Alcoholic beverages tend to be low in nutrients and high in calories. And it’s always smart to drink in moderation. Try alternating cocktails with other kinds of drinks—like hot milk laced with honey and nutmeg (there’s calcium!) or vitamin-rich vegetable cocktails for a zesty alcohol-free drink!

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