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Lunch is in the Bag!

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Lunch is in the Bag!

Want to eat delicious balanced meals that energize your day? Make it and take it with you! 

Quick Start Guide

A little planning reduces stress and makes lunches-to-go an appetizing proposition. Start by stocking up on nutritious foods that make easy salads, soups and sandwiches.

  • Cupboard ideas: canned lentils, chickpeas or black beans; cans of salmon or tuna; packages of grain products such as quinoa or short wholegrain pasta.
  • In the fridge, think protein foods like cheeses, yogurts and eggs, as well as leafy greens, veggies and fruit.
  • Also, keep a variety of whole-grain bread products and nuts in the freezer.

Timely Tips

  • Make kitchen time more productive by cooking extra for stress-free lunches—soups, curries, stews, etc.
  • Cook and freeze extra quinoa, couscous and rice for whipping up quick salads.
  • Make bigger roasts to supply healthy sandwich slices.
  • Wash and prepare produce ahead for convenient use.
  • Remember nutritious snacks to keep in the workplace fridge: milk for a protein and calcium boost, fresh fruit and yogurt or raw veggies and hummus for energy between meals.

Compelling Reasons to Bring Your Own

Energy—A healthy homemade four food group lunch is power fuel.

Great taste—You get what you really like, made your way.

Portion sizes—You choose the amount of food that’s right for you.

Less fat and less salt than restaurant meals—Because you’re doing the preparing!

High-quality nutrition—Get more vegetables, fruit, whole grains and milk products. Restaurant meals rarely supply enough of these great foods!

Savings—Making your own lunch can save you a bundle.


Explore creative new ways to create portable meals. Ever made a ‘power bowl’ or enjoyed a Mason jar salad? Or used a Bento box? Or heard of a muffin-tin ‘sneal’? More than simply trendy notions, these ideas offer fresh easy ways to bring nutritious homemade food with you wherever your day takes you.

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