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Cooking Made Simple!

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Cooking Made Simple!

Nothing beats tasty, nutritious, and affordable homemade meals. Find out how you can simplify meal preparation with these 7 strategies. 

Need some homemade meal tips? Below are seven great strategies.

  1. Plan your meals. Once a week, take a few minutes to decide what you're going to eat for each meal or just for dinner. Aim for variety without forgetting to include at least one food from each group: Vegetables and Fruit, Grain Products, Milk and Alternatives, and Meat and Alternatives. This approach has many advantages: seven days of menus, a single trip to the grocery store, peace of mind, and substantial savings by avoiding takeout food and impulsive purchases.
  2. Divide up the tasks. Don't have time to make a recipe all at once? Try just washing, cutting and measuring the ingredients first. Then, either later in the day or the next day, simply cook and enjoy!
  3. Make extra. When preparing meals, you can cut up some extra lettuce, veggie sticks or cheese. You can also cook a bit more rice, pasta or vegetables. Another option is cooking a whole chicken or a roast. Double recipes, particularly those that take a long time to make (such as soups, stews or casseroles). The idea is to have extra for lunches or meals for the next day or simply for freezing. This will save on time, energy and dishes!
  4. Get the kids involved. Children find kitchen activities fun and gratifying, and they can also develop a taste for healthy food while learning cooking skills. For parents, cooking is an occasion to spend time with their children, who could one day provide some real help in the kitchen. To make the experience a pleasant one, always start with simple recipes such as smoothies, puddings or salad dressings.
  5. Use shortcuts. Lettuce and other prepared fresh vegetables (diced, grated or in sticks), fruit, frozen fish and vegetables, shredded cheese, as well as canned fish and legumes can speed up meal preparation time, and their nutritional value is often very comparable to that of fresh products.
  6. Take out your slow cooker. It’s great to come home from work to the aroma of a delicious dinner waiting on the counter. What's even more comforting is all the time you'll save by not having to wash pots, pans and utensils! Preparation is a snap too: in the morning, simply put all ingredients (washed and cut the night before, as needed) into the slow cooker, which does the rest while you're away. The other benefits: slow cookers don't use a lot of energy and do wonders with cuts of meat that are less tender and therefore more economical. Try this delicious slow cooker recipe.
  7. Use your resources. You can pick from a many mobile apps and websites on food and cooking: in just a click, you can access a multitude of quick recipes (dinner salads, stir-fries, fajitas, frittatas and more) along with practical tools such as cooking tips, grocery lists and menu planners.

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