Nutritional Advice

Good nutrition is good for you, and your family. Learn how to eat well with Canada’s Food Guide and adopt healthy habits the whole family will love.

  • Managing the After-School Snack Frenzy

    Managing the After-School Snack Frenzy

    Making sure kids have nutritious snack options available to them can be a daunting task for parents. Here are a few simple snacking principles to help manage the munchies all day long.

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  • Simple Snacks Kids Love

    Simple Snacks Kids Love

    Looking for some tasty and easy ways to offer a variety of nutritious snacks to the after-school crowd? Here are a bunch that kids will love!

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  • Teenagers and Milk Products

    Teenagers and Milk Products

    A teenager who eats well is a teenager who performs well. Healthy meals and snacks that include milk products can give them the energy they need for school, sports and other activities.

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  • Eating During Menopause

    Eating During Menopause

    Menopause marks an important transition in the lives of all women, and brings many new challenges, including how to eat properly during this new stage of life.

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  • Eating During Pregnancy

    Eating During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a very special time, and is an important time to develop or maintain good eating habits for both you and your family.

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  • Eating During Breastfeeding

    Eating During Breastfeeding

    A mother's milk is the ideal source of nutrients for your new-born infant. However what you eat and drink can affect the quality of your milk.

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Nutritional Advice

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