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  • Eating During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a very special time, and is an important time to develop or maintain good eating habits for both you and your family.

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  • What Is the Alkaline Diet?

    Foods rich in protein or phosphorus, such as meat, grains and dairy products, are said to be detrimental to bones because they leave an acid residue that needs to be neutralized and eliminated to avoid health problems. But studies show that this is simply not true.

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  • Breakfast and Snacks, Toddler Style

    For energy and nutrients to keep pace with their growing bodies (and curiosity!), toddlers should consume three meals and two to three snacks each day—with breakfast at the top of the list.

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  • Teenagers and Milk Products

    A teenager who eats well is a teenager who performs well. Healthy meals and snacks that include milk products can give them the energy they need for school, sports and other activities.

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