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Vitamin D: Bone Protector and More

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It’s well known that vitamin D plays a vital role in bone health. But did you know that vitamin D may also help prevent diseases, including cancer?

Why the body needs vitamin D

Vitamin D contributes to the absorption of calcium to build solid bones. Severe vitamin D deficiency in children leads to rickets, a disease responsible for unsightly bow legs caused by the bones being too weak to support the weight of the body. In adults, vitamin D deficiency causes osteomalacia. An inadequate intake of vitamin D over the long term also increases the risks of osteoporosis.1

Vitamin D is also essential for proper muscle function, increasing their strength and thereby reducing the risk of falls and fractures, an important consideration for the elderly.2

New and promising roles

Despite research still not being conclusive, new data seems to establish a link between vitamin D and the prevention of diseases other than bone diseases. Indeed, studies suggest that a high level of vitamin D in the blood may prevent premature aging of the cells and reduce the risk of several types of cancer (e.g. breast and colon),3-5 of autoimmune diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis6 and rheumatoid arthritis),7 of infectious diseases (e.g. influenza8 and tuberculosis), and of cardiovascular diseases9 (including hypertension, a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases).


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