• Sugar and your health

    Sugar and your health

    When reducing your sugar intake, be careful not to eliminate nutritious foods because of their added sugar. Focus on the overall quality of your diet.

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  • Recommendations for reducing added sugar

    Recommendations for reducing added sugar

    When the added sugar you consume comes from nutritious foods, it’s entirely possible to meet the recommendations. 

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  • Eat Better with the DASH Diet

    Eat Better with the DASH Diet

    Did you know that the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet can help reduce the risk of hypertension and effectively reduce high blood pressure? There is evidence to suggest including full-fat milk products as a part of a DASH pattern of eating has beneficial effects on hypertension and blood pressure control as well as cardiovascular disease risk.1

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  • Discover Some Lesser-Known Milk Products

    Discover Some Lesser-Known Milk Products

    Did you know that 2 out of 3 people aren’t getting enough milk products every day? From appetizers and desserts to snacks and breakfasts, there are countless ways to enjoy them. Here’s a look at a few lesser-known milk products and some practical tips to add them to your meals. 

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  • Eat Mindfully

    Eat Mindfully

    Eating mindfully is a technique that aims to help us focus on what we’re eating and how full we’re feeling.

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  • Small Changes, Sustainable Results

    Small Changes, Sustainable Results

    The best way to achieve a big goal like ‘I want to eat more healthfully’ is to break it up into a number of small, specific goals.

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  • A Fresh Look at Yogurt

    A Fresh Look at Yogurt

    Yogurt is more than simply a satisfying snack. Recent research points to some interesting potential benefits.

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  • The Paleo Weigh In

    The Paleo Weigh In

    Is eating the way our prehistoric ancestors ate a good way to lose weight? Or is it just another fad diet? Get the facts.

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