About Real Cream

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Real cream is what naturally separates from and floats on top of the milk layer of freshly gathered milk.

Before commercial processing, this cream layer was spooned off and used to make butter or in cooking. In early commercial dairy processing, milk wasn’t homogenized so, when it was poured into bottles, the cream floated to the top of the bottle and needed to be blended in before each use.

Today, at the dairy, the cream is separated from the milk by machine. The fat content of whole cream ranges from 35 to 45%. This cream is then processed further into different types of cream by adding milk in different amounts to get the wide variety of creams you can buy at the grocery store.

All cream sold in Canada is pasteurized to ensure the highest quality, safe product. The HTST or U.H.T. methods are most commonly used to pasteurize cream, and you’ll often see one of those terms printed on the carton.

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