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Canadian cheese, produced with a unique blend of old world tradition and new technology, is internationally renowned for its high quality. In order to make excellent cheese, good quality milk is required. This is due to the strict standards that are implemented by provincial government inspections of the milk producers and distributors. Cheeses made from 100% Canadian milk are held to the highest standards, and the 100% Canadian Milk symbol is your guarantee that the cheese is made from milk from right here in Canada, renowned for its high quality, purity and great taste.

According to Federal Government legislation, the milk used for cheese making is generally pasteurized. Pasteurization involves heating milk to a constant temperature, for a set time, to destroy dangerous bacteria. There are some exceptions, such as raw milk cheeses. Cheeses made with unpasteurized milk undergo a carefully monitored process to ensure a safe and tasty product. Butterfat content is also controlled. The cheese maker can rely on a constant standard of milk that can be adjusted to produce a wide variety of Canadian cheeses, from skim milk Mozzarella to creamy smooth Triple-Cream Brie.

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