Canadian Cheese Repertoire

Explore the world of Canadian cheese – made from 100% Canadian milk. From Blue cheese to Tomme, our Canadian Cheese Repertoire showcases irresistible cheeses for every taste.

Canadian cheese platter


The most popular Canadian Hard cheese is Parmesan. Given its taste and versatility, this is not a surprise, but did you know that Canadian Parmesan is covered with one very hard rind. How hard?...


Ever wonder where the holes or "eyes" come from in Canadian Swiss? As these Firm cheeses ripen, they release propionic gases which become trapped in pockets. And that, for all you inquiring cheese...

Arla Foods - Cremona

This family business has been making Italian-style cheeses since 1968. They started with Parmesan and expanded to include Caciotta, Emmental, Feta, Blue cheese, Pecorino and Pepato.

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