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Mozzarella Deluxe - Tre Stelle

Tre Stelle Mozzarella (ball, brick or cylinder) was the Category Champion for Mozzarella at the 2013 Dairy Farmers of Canada Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

Made by Arla Foods - Tre Stelle

For 50 years, Tre Stelle has produced top-quality, award-winning cheeses. Tastes may evolve or change, but quality is timeless, and Tre Stelle draws on centuries of Italian cheese making to keep creating a wide range of superior cheese products to please all palates and preferences.

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About this cheese

The #1 cheese in North America, Mozzarella has its origins in Italy. Mild in flavour, with a slightly rubbery texture, this cheese is perfect for melting. Mozzarella is not aged like most cheeses, and is actually at its best when eaten within hours of its making.

Pair it with...


Pair with White Port.


Serve with cubes of melon.


Serve with red or green peppers.

Additional Information

Family Mozzarella
Texture Semi-soft
Province Ontario
Rind type No Rind
Milk type Pasteurized
Moisture 50%
Milk fat 25%
Distribution Federal

Keeping Cheese


Mozzarella and Semi-soft cheeses in general, should keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.

Proper storage includes making sure that the wrapping adheres well to the cheese to prevent it from drying out. Keep cheeses on a lower shelf of your refrigerator, far from foods with strong odours, to avoid absorption of unwanted tastes and smells. If you follow these guidelines, your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer will be a good storage spot.
Plastic wrap is the most versatile, accessible and efficient way to preserve cheese freshness. It also provides the tightest seal to protect from moisture, odours and possibly mould in the fridge.


Most cheeses can be frozen, but it is important to keep in mind that freezing can affect texture and character. This is why thawed cheeses are best reserved for use in cooking. Neither the taste nor texture of meals cooked with previously frozen cheeses will be affected.
You can freeze Mozzarella cheese, in pieces of 500 g or less, for up to two months! Just carefully wrap cheese in plastic wrap and seal in an airtight freezer bag or vacuum pack. Before using, it is important to allow cheese to thaw slowly in the refrigerator.

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