Thornloe Cheese

Devil's Rock

This creamy Blue cheese is named after the famous granite escarpment that juts up from Lake Temiskaming.

Made by Thornloe Cheese

Thornloe Cheese is a farmer-owned plant that has produced outstanding Cheddar and Curds for nearly 70 years. Their secret is old-fashioned cheese making techniques, and the fresh milk produced in the unique agricultural area of Temiskaming, Ontario.

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About this cheese

Sealed in a black wax casing, this Blue cheese has a creamy texture and buttery finish. For those new to Blue, Devil’s Rock is the perfect starting point, with its hint of veining and slightly sharp taste. Yet it will also satisfy "true Blue" cheese fans.

Pair it with...


Pair with sake.

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Pair with porters or stouts.


Serve with 52% dark chocolate.

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Pair with Organic Keemun Panda #1, a Chinese red tea.

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Additional Information

Family Blue
Texture Soft
Province Ontario
Rind type No Rind
Milk type Pasteurized
Moisture 42%
Milk fat 26%
Distribution Federal

Keeping Cheese


Proper storage includes making sure that the wrapping adheres well to the cheese to prevent it from drying out. Keep cheeses on a lower shelf of your refrigerator, far from foods with strong odours, to avoid absorption of unwanted tastes and smells. If you follow these guidelines, your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer will be a good storage spot.

To preserve cheese freshness, use the original wrapping or rewrap in plastic wrap to provide the tightest seal to protect from moisture, odours and possibly mould in the fridge.

Refrigerator Shelf-life: 1 week.


Freezing is not recommended for Soft cheeses.

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