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Bocconcini Light - Tre Stelle

In English translation the Italian word Bocconcini means "Small mouthfuls". These little balls of fresh cheese are made with 100% milk and have a firm yet yielding texture.

Made by Arla Foods - Tre Stelle

For 50 years, Tre Stelle has produced top-quality, award-winning cheeses. Tastes may evolve or change, but quality is timeless, and Tre Stelle draws on centuries of Italian cheese making to keep creating a wide range of superior cheese products to please all palates and preferences.

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About this cheese

Tre Stelle Bocconcini cheese is mild and refreshing, with a smooth yet resilient texture. The light version contains 40% less fat than regular. Bocconcini is a delicate, Semi-soft Mozzarella made in the pasta filata manner, that can masterfully play a supporting role to countless other ingredients and flavours.

Pair it with...


Delicious with tomatoes and fresh basil.

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Serve with Crispin apples.

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Pair with White Port.

Additional Information

Family Bocconcini
Texture Semi-soft
Province Ontario
Rind type No Rind
Milk type Pasteurized
Moisture 55%
Milk fat 14%
Distribution Federal

Keeping Cheese


Store Canadian Bocconcini in the brine it was sold in, or in lightly salted water. Most Canadian Bocconcini cheeses are packaged and bear a "best before" date, so check the date and keep your cheese refrigerated.


Freezing is not recommended for this type of cheese.

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