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Aged Farmhouse - Natural Pastures

Natural Pastures Aged Farmhouse was category winner and Overall Champion Cheese at the 2009 Pacific National Exhibition Cheese Competition.

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Alfred Le Fermier

Alfred Bolduc is the patriarchal founder of the Bolduc farm, and the first Bolduc ancestor to settle in Compton. Chosen in his honour, the name Alfred Le Fermier also alludes to it being a "farm cheese" - or a high-quality cheese made with the milk from a single herd.

Winner, Washed or Mixed-rind Firm Cheese and Organic Cheese Categories, 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

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The name Alpindon means "Gift of the Alpine". It is made from summer-time milk produced from a diet of 85% grass, so it exhibits a sweet and smooth nutty flavour.

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Alpine Gold

Alpine Gold is a washed-curd, washed-rind cheese.

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Amateur (L')

"For connoisseurs!", L’Amateur upholds the tradition of trappist-style cheeses by bringing pure delight to the taste buds.

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The Amsterdammer won 1st place at the 2002 British Empire Cheese Show.

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Ange Gardien (L')

L'Ange Gardien is a surface-ripened cheese that is soft, creamy and melts in the mouth.

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This mild cheese will always have a place at your table - suitable and perfect for any occasion or time of the day.

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Appletree Smoked

The distinctive PEI flavour of this thermalized milk cheese derives from the proximity to salt water, along with the iron-rich red soil of the island.

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Artisan's Fondue

This fondue has a well-rounded mild flavour with a hint of butter. It is freshly prepared and ready to use.

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Asiago - ADL

"Our Asiago is a lot like Parmesan, but it's a little milder tasting and melts better - it doesn't dry out." - Chad Mann & Darcy Carr

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Asiago - Thornloe

This flavourful, semi-soft to hard cheese, is produced from fresh, high-pasteurized milk and aged 3 months.

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Asiago - Tre Stelle

Tre Stelle Asiago cheese is light yellow in colour, crumbly in texture, and has an assertive slightly pungent taste that resembles Parmesan.

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Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar

Cheddar was originally made wheel-shaped and wrapped in cheesecloth. Armand Bernard is reviving this tradition, following in the style of great English farmstead Cheddars.

Winner, Aged Cheddar (1-3 years) Category, 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

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Baluchon has been made since 2004. The word "baluchon" is French for backpack. The cheese was given this name because the cheese makers wanted it to be comfortable and have its place at every table; just like a seasoned world traveler.

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Barre du Jour (La)

The name, La Barre du Jour, is an analogy - comparing the line of Espelette pepper in the middle of this cheese with the orange line that appears in the sky just before sunrise.

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Baya cheese is delicious served as is, but is also very good grilled or in a raclette.

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This innovative semi-soft cheese by Gunn’s Hill gets washed with a seasonal beer from Beau’s Brewery.

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Bel Haven

This triple cream Brie has a white and velvety rind, and the interior is creamy and pale yellow.

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Belle Brune De Charlevoix (La)

Pictured on the cheese label is "la belle brune" - a cute cow with a four-leaf clover necklace. The four-leaf clover idea was suggested by a young girl who found one while strolling on the property of the cheese maker.

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Belle Marie

A white and velvety rind surrounds the soft and creamy interior of this double cream Brie.

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