Canadian Havarti: Our Top Four Quick Tips

From spiffing up hot dogs to garnishing gazpachos, Canadian Havarti is a delicious addition to some classic summer foods.

Add to a fruit salad

Mix together your favourite summer fruit and add some Canadian Havarti cubes, pieces of nuts and a touch of honey. Makes a healthy and nutritious snack or breakfast meal.

Garnish a gazpacho

Prepare a gazpacho and add Canadian Havarti in small cubes or grated on top. Use plain or flavoured Havarti, whichever you prefer. Jalapeno Havarti can add some bite to your gazpacho! Perfect for those hot summer days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Serve with a good bread and you’ve got yourself a complete meal.

Spiff up a traditional hot dog

Simply add some grated Canadian Havarti to a hot sausage to make it melt. Vary your hot dog experience by using different Havarti flavours or by creating European-style hot dogs with a baguette and Italian, Toulouse or other sausages topped with Havarti.

Add to a papillote

Cook your favourite vegetable papillote. Before removing it from the grill, open up the foil and add Canadian Havarti cubes. Reseal the papillote and cook 2–3 minutes to melt the cheese; stir and serve. Havarti melts quickly and adds a rich, creamy touch. Try using flavoured Havarti to make your papillote even more delicious.
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