Your Snacking Strategy

If you’re the lucky person that’s more or less responsible for shopping and cooking in your house, you’ve probably become pretty good at planning meals. But what about snacks?

They’re frequently forgotten when we’re making lists and shopping for food. And as you probably know very well – if we wait until we need a snack to decide what that snack will be – we usually reach for something unhealthy. Here are our dietician’s top tips for planning and providing nutritious and energizing fall snacks for the whole family.

  • A snack should include two food groups, like cheese and grains or fruit and milk.
  • Remember that toddlers have small stomachs and need to eat every two or three hours.
  • Parmesan popcorn is a perfect treat – you can find the recipe on the previous page!
  • Keep it interesting. If you like an apple with some Canadian Cheddar, try it with Canadian Gouda or Cottage Cheese, or switch the apple for a pear.
  • Enlist your kids. Challenge them to find nutritious new snacks on cooking and nutrition websites.
  • Listen to your body. You don’t have to eat a snack just because you have one with you. If you’re not hungry, skip the snack. Don’t feel guilty about snacking, even if you’re working on maintaining a healthy weight. Snacking can help you manage hunger and prevent overeating at mealtimes.

Want a wholesome cure for your fall snack attacks?

Try these easy-to-make snacks


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