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There comes a point in every summer where you’ve run the gamut on your grill. You’ve charred all your favourite cuts, skewered and marinated, slathered on the sauces, planked, smoked, and maybe even burnt a couple of dinners. Especially if you’re one of the die-hards who breaks out the grill before it’s even Easter – come June, you’re ripe to try something new on the ‘cue. Learning the simple technique of grilling en papillotte will give you a whole new way to enjoy summer together.

Grilled things in small packages

Grilling en papillotte is really just a fancy way of saying in tin foil. The basic idea is to create a sealed pocket full of delicious ingredients, and use low grill heat to steam or cook what’s inside.And although it’s a very quick and basic way to prepare food, serving your family or guests their own individual packets will make them feel like you’ve gone to great lengths. It’s also a real pleasure to open up these hot little surprises and discover the delicious aromas and flavours inside.

Fire up your imagination

Some papillotte recipes need no measurement or special instructions – like fish fillets with lemon, herbs and Canadian Feta. You just seal everything up together and throw it on the grill until the fish is done the way you like it. Pasta au gratin is another easy one – take leftover pasta of any kind, top it with your favourite cheese, seal it up and grill to your heart’s content. There are also things you’d never think of grilling that work marvellously en papillotte. You can make a simple summer poutine with sliced potatoes, Canadian Cheese curds and gravy – just make sure the potatoes are cooked through before adding cheese or sauce of any kind. You can make warm fruit salsas and compotes, steamed green beans with walnuts and Canadian Blue, sliced apples and Canadian Aged Cheddar...

How it works

To build a papillotte, start with a sheet of aluminium foil nearly twice the size of the pile of ingredients you’ll be putting in the centre. On top of the foil, place a piece of parchment of the same size. This will help seal liquids in and prevent melted cheese from sticking to the foil. Arrange the food you’re cooking on the parchment, then add a second layer of foil. Fold or crinkle the edges in toward the centre, creating an air-tight seal. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, this is a very forgiving technique. You’ll notice that some foods may cause the papillotte to tent or swell up as they cook – this is all a part of the fun.

Once you’ve tried a couple of recipes en papillotte, you’ll see how versatile the technique is. It’s a little like making a vegetable soup – you can include almost anything you have on hand, and with the addition of your favourite Canadian cheese, you’re good to go. That’s the magic of grilling – it can make anything taste good, and will make your favourite things taste great.

Check out these great recipes for grilling en papillotte!


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