A Spring Refresher

The first warmer and brighter days of spring bring with them a craving for freshness. Using lighter cooking techniques in the kitchen is a great place to start. The mild flavours of Fresh Canadian Cheeses can also add a refreshing purity to meals, and just the right amount of richness we need to sustain ourselves through the tail end of the cold season.

At breakfast

It’s always a nice surprise to find Canadian Cream Cheese on the breakfast table. It’s great with smoked salmon and toasted bagels, but also really delicious on toast with jams, marmalades, and fruit spreads of all kinds. Its creamy texture and comforting taste are sometimes just what you need to smooth out a bumpy start to the day. And don’t forget the classic combo of fruit and Cottage Cheese. This simple breakfast is packed with nutrition and the high protein content of Canadian Cottage Cheese means it’s a perfect post-workout recovery food.

For lunch

Fresh Canadian cheeses like Cream Cheese, Ricotta, and Fresh Mozzarella can bring new life to the old sandwich standards like ham and cheese and BLT. The high moisture content and mild richness of these cheeses can help reduce the need for other mayonnaise and other dressings, giving you a much fresher tasting lunch. Similarly, a scoop of Canadian Cottage Cheese or Ricotta (instead of tuna, chicken, or egg salad) makes a lighter-tasting and super-nutritious accompaniment to a green salad.

As a snack

The softer fresh cheeses all make delicious and versatile bases for light-tasting dips and spreads for raw vegetables and crackers. Try mixing a handful of chopped fresh herbs and a spoonful of mustard into Canadian Ricotta or Cream Cheese, and you’ll see how easy it is to find things in the fridge and pantry that are just waiting to be dipped. If you’ve got a few minutes to put together something a little special, try skewering small slices of Fresh Canadian Mozzarella with strawberries, tomatoes, or melon. A few drops of balsamic vinegar on top (yes, even on the strawberries) will make your mouth sing with fresh flavour.


If you’ve never tried Fresh Canadian cheese with pasta, you don’t know what you’re missing. Ricotta and Cottage Cheese are both terrific in lasagne, and can be stirred into almost any tomato-based or meat sauce to make beautifully light but hearty meals. A little Canadian Cream Cheese in a simple stir-fry also adds the interesting combination of freshness and richness that is so characteristic of Fresh Canadian Cheeses. Just a touch of Fresh Cheese adds a light silkiness to vegetable purées and mashed potatoes, and there is no more delicious topping for baked potatoes.

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