• When the platter really matters

    When the platter really matters

    It isn’t a party without a platter of Canadian cheese. Many of us have a tried-and-true combination of fruits, nuts, and crackers to pair with a familiar selection of Canadian cheeses, but from time to time it can be fun to refresh the concept by trying something new or adding an unexpected twist. A creative presentation can make the difference between a cheese board that will be shared by your guests, and one that will be shared on social media. Here are some delicious ideas.

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  • All warm inside: Canadian cheese as a stuffing

    All warm inside: Canadian cheese as a stuffing

    There’s something in the late fall air that gives us an appetite for new culinary experiences. Somewhere in between the back-to-basics meals of early fall and the familiar parade of holiday fare, we all get the urge to try something new with our family’s favourite ingredients. You probably already know how easy it is to make food taste better by putting Canadian cheese on it. But putting cheese in it is wonderfully surprising. Here are a few exciting and easy ways to pack some fabulous flavour into fall.

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  • Hearty Fall Pastas

    Hearty Fall Pastas

    Nothing awakens the appetite like fall. Fresh mornings, sparkling afternoons and crisp evenings rouse an instinctive hunger in all of us – a natural desire for soft warmth, deep flavour, and the familiar comfort of a kitchen gently heated by the oven. This is why pasta always feels so deliciously welcome at this time of year. It’s a simple and vital food that gives us the energy we need to meet the demands of the season, and it also makes you feel wonderfully cozy. Here are a handful of easy ways to put perfect pasta on the table this fall.

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  • In Praise of the Caprese Salad

    In Praise of the Caprese Salad

    If you had to choose one dish that perfectly captured the flavour and fragrance of late summer – we’re willing to bet you might choose a Caprese salad. The rich taste of a truly ripe tomato, sun-roasted and still warm from the vine, the invigorating brightness of basil, all comfortably propped up on little white clouds of fresh Canadian Mozzarella… It tastes like a perfect summer day. And while they say it’s unwise to mess with perfection, a little variation and experimentation can sometimes yield surprisingly delicious results. Ready to find your own unique twist on Insalata Caprese?

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  • Secrets of Sensational Mac & Cheese

    Secrets of Sensational Mac & Cheese

    Have you ever had a really perfect mac & cheese? With creamy, dreamy pasta, deeply tangy cheese sauce, and a deeply golden, crispy crust? The difference between good and great is all in the technique – and it’s an easy one to master. For a family-sized dinner portion, you’ll need a pound of pasta, about 3 cups of grated cheese, 4 tablespoons of butter, 4 tablespoons of flour, and 4 cups of milk.

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  • Cheese fritters: home-made street food

    Cheese fritters: home-made street food

    For some of us, summer just isn’t summer until we’ve tasted a particular summertime treat: beaver tails, lobster rolls, poutine, soft-serve ice cream... The list is deliciously long. The perennial appeal of these carnival treats and street food specialties is spurring a real renaissance of the food truck all across Canada. Whether it’s an old-school chip wagon, or one of those new-fangled gourmet get-ups with a fancy paint job, Canadians from coast are lining up in droves for a generous serving of good old-fashioned summer flavour.

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  • Crowd-pleasing Quesadillas

    Crowd-pleasing Quesadillas

    Anyone who’s in charge of planning meals knows that it can be pretty tricky to find something your whole family is really going to love. The safe bet is to serve the same-old standbys: recipes you may have been rotating for a long time. It can be risky to shake things up. But not with a dish like quesadillas. Everyone loves quesadillas on the very first try.

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  • Bringing back the Canadian Cheese Ball

    Bringing back the Canadian Cheese Ball

    There was a time when a party meant men in skinny ties, women in fancy dresses, pigs in blankets, and a great big cheese ball sitting in the centre of it all. And while the cheese ball may not be the most glamorous emblem of the era, it was certainly one of the most tasty, and deserves as much of a renaissance as the old-fashioned cocktails that are enjoying a revival. After all, a Canadian cheese ball is the perfect thing to serve with a Manhattan made from Canadian rye!

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