When cheese and chocolate collide: canadian cheese and chocolate pairings

Learn how pairing chocolate and Canadian cheese can create a sensational taste experience this holiday season.

Canadian Blue cheese with 52% dark chocolate

Deep, rich, floral with virtually no astringency, this chocolate has just the right intensity to tame the pungent piquant of Blue cheese. In fact, the bluer the cheese, the spicier it is and the more harmonious the pairing. Avoid a milky young Blue cheese; the lactic sourness and salt might interfere with the match. Opt instead for a deeply veined cheese, have just a small bite of each, and sip a tawny port or late harvest wine to guild the lily.

Canadian Mascarpone with milk chocolate

Probably the closest thing to the familiar chocolate cheesecake, the lactic qualities of both milk chocolate and this unaged cheese make this combination resemble a refreshing malted milkshake in the summer. Take it a notch further and add roasted almonds to the mix. The almonds bring out subtle complexities in both by grounding the marriage in earthy tones.

Canadian Swiss cheese with white chocolate

White chocolate is cocoa butter without the cocoa solids required to make it a true chocolate. Surprisingly, this makes it a complement to many cheeses, but our favourite match is with Canadian Swiss cheese. Chewy, sweet and nutty, Swiss’s more subtle flavours are coaxed out by the equally sweet, smooth and creamy white chocolate.

Canadian Brie with cinnamon Mexican chocolate

A surprisingly delightful combination! Mexican chocolate is grittier than most and often flavoured with chili and/or cinnamon. The textural contrast with the smooth Brie is satisfying, and the cinnamon celebrates the flavour of the Brie’s rind, an often neglected and underestimated part of the cheese. Both players taste great alone but even better together.

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