Inniskillin Wines Love Cheese

Canadian cheeses rank among the tastiest and most refined in the world. The same can be said of the award-winning ice wines and other wines of Canada’s Inniskillin Winery!

Bruce Nicholson, senior winemaker, shares a few of his matchmaking secrets on how to pair his favourite cheeses with other favourite delights. A short study in imagination and simplicity. If Bruce Nicholson is any indication of what to expect from his colleagues in the profession, senior winemakers seem to be a warm, passionate and unassuming lot. But then, garnering critical acclaim and international awards will usually put anyone in a perpetually good mood. “

Yes, we are quite happy about the recognition, but the hard work and our high standards are what really matter at Inniskillin. Wine is meant to be a simple, accessible pleasure, shared around a table with family or dear friends, whatever the occasion. Awards simply confirm that we’re doing our jobs right and that people share our way of thinking.”

According to Mr. Nicholson, their way of thinking includes the total absence of rules when enjoying wine: “Your enjoyment is the only thing that counts. On a sunny day, you prefer your red wine slightly chilled? Go ahead, you’re the boss. A ‘rule’ is actually a ‘rule of thumb’, just a guideline to give you an idea how some people prefer a given wine.

“Some of those involve the different temperatures at which wines should or should not be served... Here’s my simple rule of thumb: when you take your cheeses out of the fridge to let them reach room temperature, put your ice wine or white wine in the fridge (or freezer if it’s a scorcher out there) – when the cheese is ready, so is your wine!

“Over the years, I’ve experimented with wines and cheeses and have come to the conclusion that you only need a few things to truly enjoy them: an hour or two for yourself, a cheese knife, a corkscrew and a little imagination. Add good company and it doesn’t get any better than that!”


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