Cheers to cheese!

The only thing better than your favourite Rickard’s
is savouring it in combination with a perfectly paired Canadian cheese.

Canadian Brie with Rickard’s White

Rickard’s White has a citrus, spicy quality which makes Brie a choice pairing for this crisp, fresh brew. The soft, rich taste of the cheese balances with the citrus profile of the beer and leaves a buttery mushroom finish. A choice of Double or Triple Cream Brie delivers this delightful taste experience. Enjoy a Rickard’s White with a slice of orange to complete this perfect pairing.

Canadian Havarti with Rickard’s Red

he taste of caramel and slight bitterness of Rickard’s Red pairs nicely with a semi-soft, creamy Havarti. The delicate sweetness and hint of bitter in the beer is a fitting match for the slightly acidulous taste of this smooth, buttery cheese.

Canadian Aged Cheddar with Rickard’s Blonde

Rickard’s Blonde is a full-bodied beer which makes it a fine choice for many long-aged cheeses. The bold hops flavour of this beer and a two-year Aged Cheddar are perfect partners. The lovely milk, hint of salt and fruity elements of the Cheddar complement the full flavour of the hops.

Canadian Blue cheese with Rickard’s Dark

The rich, smooth, maple and slight smoke profile of Rickard’s Dark allows for multiple cheese pairing options. Semi-soft Blue cheese with a rich, creamy, salty tang provides a delectable contrast to the sweet, earthy nature of the beer.

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