Canadian Cheese & PEI Potatoes

The only home that is happier than the one filled with the fragrances of cheese and potatoes cooking together is the home in which a family is sitting at the table enjoying them together.

All-dressed Cheddar-stuffed potatoes

Goldrush is a new variety of russet potato with an exceptionally fine flavour and smooth skin, making it a perfect choice for dishes that showcase the earthy taste of potato skins. Combined with the familiar flavour, colour and texture of melted Canadian Medium Cheddar cheese, this dish appeals on every level.

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Mascarpone mashed potatoes

Known for making terrific baked potatoes, russets from PEI also make a beautiful bowl of perfectly pristine and fluffy mashed potatoes, thanks to their milk-white flesh and high starch content. Canadian Mascarpone smooths out the starch with full-bodied silkiness and adds a touch of freshness, a hint of sweetness and subtle tang.

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Golden scalloped potatoes

Canadian Alpine-style cheeses are golden-hued and full of rich earthiness that develops complexity with age. Their deep colour and flavour put them right at home with sweet-fleshed Yukon Gold potatoes, which, despite their Arctic name, were developed in Guelph, Ontario.

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Love the comforting flavours of Canadian cheese and PEI potatoes? Learn more about this delicious pair from cheese expert David Beaudoin and potato farmer Gary Linkletter.

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