Canadian Cheese: Millions of Possibilities

Where there’s a cheese, there’s a way - to make your snacks sizzle, your desserts dazzle and keep the whole family saying cheese, please.

Canadian cheese can be enjoyed in thousands of different ways and enhance everyday cooking, from a rich topping on pizza to a tangy ingredient in soups and salads, or served cold with crackers or fruit. Canadian cheese can be used as an appetizer, a main course and even as a dessert! Here are some great ideas:

Firm cheese:

Use it grated, au gratin, sliced, on a lasagna or pie and also great for soups.

Fresh cheeses:

Great for stuffing cannelloni, in an omelette, on fruits in the morning.

Semi-soft cheese:

Try it on a piece of crusty bread with your favourite spread. Great sliced and broiled on potatoes.

Soft cheese:

Great as a stuffing or on a cracker.

Blue cheese (Bénédictin, Ermite, etc.):

Delicious with a glass of Port or with dried fruits and nuts.


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