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Our resident experts of all things cheese share their picks, mixes and matches, and give greater insight on all sort of Fine Canadian cheeses.

  • Chef Andrew Farrell

    Chef Andrew Farrell

    Andrew is the head chef at 2 Doors Down Food + Wine in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where his creations have earned the restaurant numerous awards. He’s a true Maritime chef, known for a style of cooking that’s influenced by family dinners and that features local ingredients.

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  • Kevin Durkee

    Kevin Durkee

    He’s the Big Cheese at CHEESEWERKS, Canada’s only restaurant and culinary experience company that’s 100% focused on placing Canadian cheese at the centre of every plate. He’s also an advocate of the artisanal food movement, with regular media and event appearances across the country.

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  • Chef David Bohati

    Chef David Bohati

    BC-born Chef Bohati began his restaurant career many years ago as a dishwasher and quickly climbed the culinary ladder to such positions as executive chef at Calgary’s Rush Restaurant. He’s now executive chef at MARKET and widely known as both a sneakerhead and kitchen gadget junkie.

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  • Bal Arneson

    Bal Arneson

    She’s a TV host with shows airing in several different countries and an award-winning cookbook author with an international reputation for her trademark spice-infused cooking. A real rags-to-riches celebrity, she’s also a James Beard nominee and former Iron Chef America judge.

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  • Christine Tizzard: A taste of home

    Christine Tizzard: A taste of home

    She’s a chef, a TV show host, a food stylist, a recipe developer, and still makes time to cook from scratch for her family. What’s her secret? A passion for the beauty and freshness of her ingredients, and a devotion to giving her two kids the most delicious and nutritious food possible.

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  • Chef Roger Mooking: Living food

    Chef Roger Mooking: Living food

    Food Network celebrity chef Roger Mooking is a true culinary adventurer, with a vibrantly creative approach to cooking that’s powered by a pantry full of spices from the four corners of the globe. He’s also a Juno award-winning recording artist with his second album, Feedback, coming out this summer, an author and the father of three lucky girls who never eat the same supper twice.

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  • Chef Michael Allemeier: Eating fresh every day

    Chef Michael Allemeier: Eating fresh every day

    Michael Allemeier is a culinary instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and for many years he was the winery chef at Mission Hill Family Estate in British Columbia. While he was born in South Africa and raised in Hong Kong, Michael’s passion for local ingredients and cheeses is distinctly and proudly Canadian.

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  • Laura Calder: The art of sharing

    Laura Calder: The art of sharing

    Celebrity chef Laura Calder talks about Canadian cheese and how to make a holiday meal memorable.

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