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Throughout the year, our Cheese Lover section will profile the different personalities and passionate people who inspire us with their creativity and dedication to Canadian cheese. Check back to see them all!

  • The 2016 Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off

    The 2016 Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off

    For the 2016 edition of The Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off, four of Canada’s top chefs from coast to coast battled it out with their best gourmet Mac & Cheese recipe. Explore four dazzling dishes each featuring a mouth-watering Canadian cheese and find inspiration for your next Mac & Cheese night!

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  • Vanessa Simmons: Cheese Connoisseur

    Vanessa Simmons: Cheese Connoisseur

    “My job is about sparking connections, about mediating pleasure, about giving people taste experiences they would never have been able to discover themselves.” Sound like a dream job? For Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons, it is. After beating cancer in 2004, she decided to follow her passion; she took a four-year cooking job in the Caribbean and then came back to Canada to complete her Cordon Bleu training in Ottawa.

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  • Julie Van Rosendaal: Expert of Everyday Eats

    Julie Van Rosendaal: Expert of Everyday Eats

    One of Julie’s earliest memories is shopping for cheese at Kensington Market in Toronto. As a small child, she just loved being surrounded by what felt like “towers of cheese.” Today, Julie is one of Canada’s top food bloggers. She’s also a cookbook author, food stylist, radio and TV personality, mom… the list goes on. What’s her superpower? Authenticity.

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  • Andrew Farrell: Championing Local Fare

    Andrew Farrell: Championing Local Fare

    Born and raised in Pictou and now chef at Halifax’s 2 Doors Down, Andrew is a true Nova Scotia boy. He was crowned Canada’s mac & cheese champion in the 2014 edition of the Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off. “It was so much fun! We hammed it up with friendly rivalry and all really enjoyed the creative challenge of making a dish that expresses something unique about where we’re from.”

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  • Martina ter Beek: The Cheese Lady

    Martina ter Beek: The Cheese Lady

    Known far and wide by the simple and affectionate title “The Cheese Lady,” Martina ter Beek emigrated from Holland to Canada in 1985 with her husband in search of dairy farmland for their family. They were the first artisanal cheese makers in PEI and produced their famous Gouda for 25 years. It became known across the Maritimes and made The Cheese Lady something of a local celebrity.

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  • Discover Canada’s Best           Mac & Cheese

    Discover Canada’s Best Mac & Cheese

    Who makes Canada’s best mac & cheese? Our four food celebrities have battled it out at the 2014 edition of The Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off in Toronto on August 27th. Based on flavour, texture, creativity, and presentation, our expert judges have hailed Chef Andrew Farrell’s Crispy Greens Mac & Cheese as this year’s winner. Discover the foodie and inspiration behind each delectable recipe, cook up the recipes, and judge for yourself!

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  • Allison Spurrell: From Foodie to Fromagère

    Allison Spurrell: From Foodie to Fromagère

    In 1985, when she was 19 years old, Allison and her mother, Alice, started The Menu Setters – a catering company that organized wine and cheese events. Nearly 30 years later, despite the occasional difference of opinion, Alice and Allison are still a mother and daughter team: they own and run the wildly popular Les amis du FROMAGE cheese shops in British Columbia.

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  • Meet Sue Riedl: Canada’s First Lady of Cheese

    Meet Sue Riedl: Canada’s First Lady of Cheese

    Sue Riedl has probably tasted more cheese than anyone else in Canada. She writes a cheese column for The Globe and Mail, authors a fascinating blog about cheese, has been a judge at the 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, hosts wine and cheese tasting events, and personally knows dozens of Canadian cheese makers. She is friendly, funny and completely down to earth.

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