Cheese Basics

Our resident experts of all things cheese share their picks, mixes and matches, and give greater insight on all sort of Fine Canadian cheeses.

  • A Chef's Cheese Journey: Exploring Gouda's Unique Flavour

    A Chef's Cheese Journey: Exploring Gouda's Unique Flavour

    Chef Michael Howell is the original owner of Tempest Restaurant in Nova Scotia and a leading light on the Canadian food scene. He represents the Slow Food Movement in Eastern Canada and is the founder of Devour! The Food Film Fest.

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  • Champion Cheddar Pairings: Ploughman’s Cheeseboard

    Champion Cheddar Pairings: Ploughman’s Cheeseboard

    Sue Riedl has been writing about cheese for The Globe and Mail for 8 years. Trained as a chef, she also writes a weekly recipe column for Globe Life called the Quick Fix and has hosted over 100 of their “Chef Basics” videos.

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  • The Flavour of Comfort

    The Flavour of Comfort

    Few things go together as well as cheese and potatoes, but how much do they actually have in common? You might be surprised by the answers we got from cheese expert David Beaudoin and fourth-generation potato farmer Gary Linkletter.

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  • The Taste of Place

    The Taste of Place

    It seems perfectly natural that Canadian cheese and Canadian wine should make a perfect pairing. But what specifically do they have in common? We mulled over the question with Canadian cheese expert David Beaudoin and Ingo Grady, director of wine education at Mission Hill Family Estate. Their answers were as delicious as the pairings.

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  • A Natural Affinity: Canadian Cheese & Honey

    A Natural Affinity: Canadian Cheese & Honey

    For this first in a new series about pairing Canadian cheese with other distinctly Canadian artisanal foods, we invited cheese expert David Beaudoin and honey expert Melanie Coates to answer what we thought was a simple question...

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  • Singing the praises of the “Blues”

    Singing the praises of the “Blues”

    Cheese Expert: Reg Hendrickson

    Although not known for his musical prowess, Reg Hendrickson is well versed in the composition of Canadian cheese and the virtuosity of its cheese makers. He has had the pleasure of enjoying a long relationship with the Canadian cheese industry, learning about and proudly promoting the extensive range of truly wonderful cheeses crafted in Canada.

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  • Harvest Feast: Italian-style Canadian Cheeses

    Harvest Feast: Italian-style Canadian Cheeses

    When my entertaining plans take on a life of their own and become an indomitable beast, I ask myself: what would the Italians do? Their philosophy for entertaining is very simple: use simple ingredients at their peak of freshness, pair them simply, and never obscure them. This passion for purity and the long Italian tradition of cheese making also inspire our Canadian cheese makers, who make delicious Italian-style cheeses right here in Canada.

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  • A Taste of Summer: Canadian Smoked Cheeses

    A Taste of Summer: Canadian Smoked Cheeses

    If you’ve never tasted them before, try something new and exciting to enjoy with all of your favourite activities this summer: Canadian smoked cheeses. Think about the barbecues, the campfires, the family picnics and the refreshing glass of wine or ale, lounging by the poolside. Imagine how much better it would be if you added smoked cheese to the picture. Go ahead and make this summer the one to remember!

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Cheese Basics

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