Canadian cheese. Crafted with creativity.

Mia always knew she wanted to be a cheese-maker like her dad – only she wanted to do it in her own creative way.

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Perfectly Primped

Enjoy the tart, herby flavours of this cranberry gin & tonic served with a smooth Canadian Boccocini and cucumber flourish.

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Savouring the Okanagan Valley

Mild winters and sun-filled summers make the Okanagan Valley a year-round playground where you’ll find a thriving wine industry and some of Canada’s finest cheeses.

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Why choose Canadian Cheese

Why buy imported when you can enjoy hundreds of Canadian cheeses produced by local cheesemakers?

Canadian cheese is made from 100% Canadian milk, your guarantee of purity, freshness and quality.

Canadian cheese is recognized as some of the best in the world.

See the variety of cheeses in our Canadian Cheese Repertoire

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