Other Types of Butter

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Flavoured Butter

Flavoured butter is traditional butter with added flavourings such as garlic, spices and herbs. Using flavoured butter adds different seasoning to foods, along with a pure butter taste. You can also make your own flavoured butter.

Blended Butter

Blended butter is a blend of real butter with liquid oil, such as canola, to make a spread that tastes like butter, yet is soft and easy to spread straight from the refrigerator. Blended butter is available in regular and light versions.

Whey Butter

Whey butter is made from the whey that has been separated from the curd in cheesemaking. Whey butter has a deeper yellow colour and stronger flavour than churned butter with a cheese-like flavour and is sometimes salty if the curd was salted. It is often found at specialty stores and farmers’ markets.

Whipped Butter

Whipped butter is butter with air whipped into it to make a lighter, softer spread. It is often served in restaurants for spreading on dinner rolls or pancakes. Whipped butter is not interchangeable with regular butter for cooking or baking.


Ghee is a semi-fluid clarified butter that is sold in jars. It is most commonly used in Indian and other eastern cuisines. The milk solids are removed in the clarifying process so ghee stays semi-firm and keeps fresher at room temperature than whole butter. It is available at large supermarkets and specialty stores.

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