Butter Tips & Tricks

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When a recipe calls for butter, only real butter will do! Don't try to substitute. Below are some tips to enhance the natural wonders of butter:

  • Create a smooth finish in a hot sauce by cutting cold butter into small cubes and whisking one or two cubes at a time into the hot sauce over low heat. Continue adding and whisking until all of the butter is incorporated. Use about 1/4 cup (50 mL) butter for each cup (250 mL) of sauce. Added gradually , the cold butter will melt more evenly and blend into the sauce better.
  • For the best results when using softened butter creamed with sugar in cookies and cakes, the butter should be soft enough that you can easily make an impression with your finger when you press it but not so soft that you can press right through it.
  • Avoid crumbs in your butter! Set aside a small portion of butter, either in the fridge or in the cupboard, that is exclusively for toast and make sure everyone knows not to get crumbs in the rest of the butter. For this, salted butter is best because the salt acts as a preservative.
  • For the freshest flavour, store only as much butter at room temperature in a covered butter dish that you’ll use within two to three days. In the warm summer months, only take out what you’ll use in one day.
  • Maintain the freshness of butter with proper wrapping. Carefully unwrap the foil-laminated paper and cut off as much butter as you need, then re-wrap the remaining butter with the paper. Don’t cut through the wrap or tear it off, as this will leave butter exposed.
  • Butter is best when fresh. Though it will last longer, for optimal flavour, only buy what you plan to use within a week or two. If you want to take advantage of specials or find you’re not using it quickly enough, freeze butter to preserve its fresh flavour.
  • If you plan to freeze butter for longer storage, cut it into 1/2 cup (125 mL) portions and wrap each portion in plastic wrap then in foil or place in an airtight container or freezer bag and freeze. This makes it easier to remove a small amount of butter at a time and avoid refreezing.

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