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Vanilla Ice Pop

Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • Course Desserts & Sweets
  • Prep. Time 5 mins
  • Freezing Time 4 - 5 hrs
  • Yields 6 to 10 ice pops
  • Course Desserts & Sweets
  • Prep. Time 5 mins
  • Freezing Time 4 - 5 hrs
  • Yields 6 to 10 ice pops


8 oz ( 250 g ) Canadian Cream cheese, softened
2 cups ( 500 mL ) Milk
1/4 cup ( 60 mL ) sugar
1 tsp ( 5 mL ) vanilla extract


In food processor, combine cream cheese with milk, sugar and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Pour into glasses or Popsicle molds. Freeze one hour, then insert popsicle stick in middle. Put back into freezer for 3 to 4 hours, to allow liquid to freeze completely. To turn out easily, dip glasses or Popsicle molds into hot water for one minute before pulling on stick. And serve!

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Nutritional Info

Per serving
Energy: 128 Calories
Protein: 4 g
Fat: 9 g
Carbohydrate: 8 g
Sodium: 96 mg

Top 5 Nutrients

Nutrient % DV*
Calcium: 7 % / 78 mg
Vitamin B12: 16 %
Vitamin D: 13 %
Vitamin A: 12 %
Riboflavin: 9 %

*percentage of daily value

*Note: The daily value (DV) is established by Health Canada and corresponds to the daily quantity recommended for each nutrient. The percentage of the daily value (% DV) indicates the proportion of the nutrient provided by a serving of the recipe, in comparison with the quantity recommended.

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