Elementary School Milk Program

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    We’ve worked with curriculum experts to develop a simple guide to involve students in running your program. You save time and the students learn some valuable skills. It’s a win, win!

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Materials for Managing your School’s Milk Program

These materials are provided to you, for free, to help you better-manage your school’s Milk Program.


Parent Letters

These letters may be sent home to parents to let them know that your school is offering the Milk Program and give them all of the information that they need to enroll their child(ren) in the Milk Program:

Volunteer Recruitment Letter (DOC)

Send this letter home to parents in order to recruit volunteers to help run the Milk Program at your school.


Milk Ticket Poster Template (PDF)

Use this poster to let your students know when and where they can purchase milk tickets.

How to Promote Your Milk Program (PDF)

This document describes different ways to promote the Milk Program at your school. Have great ideas of your own? Tell us how your school promotes the Milk Program by emailing us at
[email protected].

Artwork For School Newsletters (JPG)

If your school has a newsletter or other parent communication tools, use this Elementary School Milk Program artwork to send the message home to parents.

Order forms and tickets

Milk Tracking Workbook (Excel)

The Milk Tracking Workbook makes it easy for you to track weekly milk sales throughout the entire school year.

Class List Template (XLS)

This document helps teachers keep track of their students’ milk orders.

Prepayment Order Form (PDF)

If your school uses a prepayment system for the Milk Program, this form should be sent home to parents so that they can prepay for their child(ren)’s milk.

Milk Card Form Template (PDF)

For schools that allow students to purchase multiple milks in advance, these milk cards help schools keep track of how much milk each student has received.

Milk Tickets Template (PDF)

If your school uses a milk ticket system for payment, distribute these tickets to students once they pay for their milk. (One ticket per milk purchased).


Award of Excellence – Certificate (PDF)

This Award of Excellence is a nice way to show appreciation for students and volunteers who help run the Milk Program at your school.

Milk Program Anniversary Press Release Template

Customize this press release template to announce your school¹s success with the Milk Program.