An easy way to help your
children get through the day

The Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP) is an easy way to add a serving of milk to your child’s day by providing easy access to milk in elementary schools. Once your child’s school is registered in the program, you can easily order milk that will be given to your child in school every day.

Milk’s 16 essential nutrients help keep children healthy, alert and ready to learn every day. Yet, according to the most recent Canadian Community Health Survey, 37% of children aged 4 to 9 did not consume the recommended daily servings of milk products and from ages 10 to 16, 61% of boys and 83% of girls did not get the appropriate daily intake of milk products.



  • Become a Volunteer

    Interested in helping make sure children get a serving of milk at school? We’re always looking for ESMP volunteers. Free materials and resources are provided to support you.

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